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3D printing

A new dimension in smiling

"THE" revolutionary new technology that makes everything possible, the 3D printer has quickly become a basic, efficient and strategic laboratory tool in denturology and digital dentistry. Thanks to this cutting-edge process, the Numérica Dentaire team can produce on-site 3D printing mock-ups, models and reference guides to better position future dental parts.

Digital denturology is unique in terms of efficiency because it is carried out in a direct workflow where none of the measuring, design and manufacturing steps involve human manipulation. In addition to virtually eliminating the risk of human error, it ensures more accurate renderings, from the digital measurement in the mouth to the virtual design of dental parts and their machining or 3D printing.

Among other things, the 3D printer enables us to print reference models and our famous Tryin trial models, which our patients can wear at home for a few days to try them out and validate their aesthetics, comfort and chewing efficiency. In this way, our team and our patients can be sure of an impeccable final result, with no unpleasant surprises.

It's also thanks to 3D printing that digital denturology offers such an exceptional service, and that Numérica Dentaire can deliver on its promise of guaranteed safety!