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On-site dental surgery

You're in good hands from start to finish

To better meet the needs of our loyal patients, Numérica Dentaire also gives you access to the expertise and advice of dental surgeons. They can guide you in assessing your dental health and determining your eligibility for prostheses and implants. They can also perform the surgeries required by your oral condition, from pre-operative grafts to implant placement.

A dental surgeon's expertise every step of the way

Are you planning to repair your teeth with an implant and need a professional opinion? A dental surgeon will carry out a rigorous medical evaluation to give you the right answer and maximize the chances of success for your future implant. It's important to know that certain medical conditions, such as poorly controlled diabetes or bone disease, can slow down the healing process and even threaten the success of surgery. Smoking can also increase the risk of infection. A complete medical check-up is therefore essential to determine whether you are a good candidate and to prevent the risk of health-related complications.

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In addition to a pre-operative assessment, our dental surgeon can perform a bone graft if you have insufficient bone mass. This type of procedure is also frequently used when the extraction of a tooth and its root leaves a gap in the bone, which the implant will be called upon to replace. If the bone mass is insufficient in height, depth and/or width to accommodate the implant, problems of solidity could arise and even hinder the success of the implantation. Finally, our dental surgeon is responsible for tooth extraction, implant placement and post-surgical follow-up.


On-site dental hygienist

Did you know that Numérica Dentaire now offers the service of an on-site dental hygienist to facilitate the steps involved in digital dental repairs?  Click here to find out more.