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Extractions and immediate prosthetics

Personalized care at every step

You're not alone in your anxiety. For many patients, having one or more teeth extracted is a source of immense stress, even grief. It also raises a number of important questions. Will the pain be intolerable? What will I look like? Will I still be able to chew food? Will my voice change, and will I be able to speak in public or at work? Will I have to live without one or more teeth for a long time during the healing process?

Sometimes, for oral health reasons, it becomes necessary to have all remaining teeth extracted... Whatever your concerns, we're here for you! Not only does our team have 30 years' experience in the field, our digital tools can create a simulation of your future teeth so you can see and validate your future smile BEFORE extraction surgery. We promise you a safe, precise and caring service every step of the way. (To learn more about the other dental surgeries provided by the Numérica Dentaire team, see here.)

To learn more about the other dental surgeries provided by the Numérica Dentaire team,
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How a tooth extraction works

If you're faced with the decision of whether or not to have a tooth extracted, Numérica Dentaire will take care of you immediately to help you make the right decision.

Step 1: Assessment by a dental surgeon

The first appointment includes an examination with X-rays and an assessment by the dental surgeon to validate that tooth extraction is the only possible option.

Step 2: Measurements

Next, our team performs an intraoral scan and a facial scan to take measurements, determine your physiognomy and assess the space available for a possible prosthesis.

Step 3: Preview of future teeth

Thanks to the scans, an alignment with the face is produced to design the prosthesis. If you wish, before extractions, you can get a preview of your future teeth after repair.

Step 4: Prosthesis machining

Depending on your choice of prosthesis and the recommendations of our professionals, digital prostheses are produced in the laboratory.

Step 5: Extraction and insertion

To minimize the impact of extraction, surgery takes place only at this stage, followed immediately by placement of the prosthesis or prostheses in the mouth, with dressing — all in the same session!

Step 6: Follow-up

Further appointments are scheduled to monitor your oral condition and your satisfaction with the treatment.