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Post-surgical appliance rental

We also care about your comfort!

Did you know that Numérica Dentaire offers post-surgery devices that improve microcirculation to relieve pain, assist healing and promote healing? BEMER medical technology includes a range of products with multiple benefits that can promote your physical and mental well-being during the waiting and recovery period between dental extraction surgery and implant placement.

Approved by Health Canada, BEMER's patented medical technology is non-invasive, safe and effective. It is proven to help stimulate muscles to improve and facilitate recovery after surgery. Using micropulsed waves, an electromagnetically transmitted signal, the physical vascular therapy of BEMER devices stimulates microcirculation — the pumping action of the smallest blood vessels — and helps improve the body's key regulatory mechanisms, as well as local blood flow to muscles throughout the body.

The BEMER technology offered by Numérica Dentaire

  • improves microcirculation
  • promotes physical and mental well-being
  • effectively treats the whole body
  • relieves back pain caused by tension
  • assists regeneration
  • increases muscle performance
  • increases quality of sleep
  • assists wound healing
  • reduces stress
  • promotes relaxation

Eight-minute explanation of microcirculation

Explanations of BEMER science

Would you like to enjoy the benefits of BEMER's post-surgery technology in your own home?

We offer these devices for rental or sale. Call us at 450-227-0870 or email us at info@numericadentaire.ca and we'll be delighted to meet your needs.


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Your well-being and comfort are a priority for us. That’s why Numérica Dentaire offers free BEMER sessions to all our patients to help them heal. Anxious patients can also take advantage of the benefits of Bemer devices BEFORE taking pre-surgical measurements. Ask your Numérica Dentaire professional for more information.