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About us

Des passionnés de la denturologie numérique

The Numérica Dentaire clinic was created by denturologist Benoît Hébert and his team, who have a combined 65 years' experience in the dental field and implantology. A pioneer in digital prosthetics (CAD/CAM) in Canada, denturologist Benoît Hébert decided to go completely digital in 2018, in order to put all the advantages of 3D technologies to work for his patients. Since becoming your Numérica Dentaire clinic, our team has never stopped innovating and advancing in the fabrication and service of complete digital prostheses from the dental chair to the laboratory.

A passion for digital denturology

In our new, modern premises with on-site dental surgeon and laboratory, the Numérica Dentaire team has access to the latest technological advances and the best digital tools designed specifically for the production of partial and complete dentures. From needs assessment to treatment planning and prosthesis design, our professionals provide all denturological services under one roof. In a calm and reassuring environment, our patients are accompanied and informed at every stage of treatment towards a result that is ACCURATE, PREDICTABLE, SAFE and, above all, RENEWABLE at all times.

In addition to our position as a leader in digital technology and innovation, we are proud to offer a service that is unique in Quebec and based on our patient promise: Dentition for LIFE! Indeed, our mission is to give prosthesis wearers across the entire population the assurance of being able to renew their prosthesis at lower cost, and thus keep the same teeth for life, at any age.

Discover our new services and professionals

Since then, Numérica Dentaire has even expanded with the arrival of dental surgeons. Depending on their practice, some may be responsible for the digital phase of surgery and the fitting of fixed prostheses on implants. Others provide general dentistry services to support our partially edentulous patients in their transition to single implants or partial dentures. Finally, the clinic offers on-site hygienist services, including for patients who need to follow a scaling program with close follow-ups to keep their mouths healthy after implant placement.

By combining the full range of denturology and digital dentistry services under one roof, Numérica Dentaire ensures personalized, integrated care for patients in search of a new reason to smile.

Contact us and we will be delighted to answer your questions, by phone at 450-227-0870 or by e-mail to info@numericadentaire.ca