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On-site digital dentistry

It's good to be well looked after!

Maintaining good oral health before and after dental implants is a challenge for everyone. That's why Numérica Dentaire offers general dentistry services related to the placement of prostheses and/or implants.

Dentists on site

With dentists on site, our patients' needs are taken care of from start to finish, whether it's preparing their teeth for digital prostheses or providing the care required by prosthesis wearers. Our dentists can perform wisdom tooth extraction surgery, root canal treatment for dentures and implants, and much more.

On-site hygienist services

The clinic also offers on-site hygienist services, particularly for patients who need to follow a scaling program with close follow-up at 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, in order to maintain a healthy mouth after implant placement. The addition of a hygienist to the Numérica Dentaire team helps coordinate all services and interventions in a single file, ensures compliance with treatment timelines and facilitate the steps involved in dental repairs. It's practical, efficient and reassuring!